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  fEARful™ enclosures for bass/drums/keys

 fEARful™ enclosures were designed by greenboy for do-it-yourselfers.

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earfuls of fEARfuls

fEARful™ enclosures utilize Eminence Kappalite 3012LF or 3015LF high-excursion neodymium woofers and 18Sound 6ND410 / 6NM410 neo (for most designs) or Eminence Alpha6A / Alphalite6A neo (these two are only suitable for 12/6 designs) midrange drivers. Here's a scale comparison of various models:

Also check out subwoofers & bass/drums monitors (thanks to davio for all Sketchup 3D work).




authorized builders  ( mailto | website )

These are guys with established enclosure building and service-oriented reputations who take responsibility for doing it right. They've agreed to follow all essential design priorities and have worked to understand both audio and acoustics in general, and enclosures in particular. Contact them to discuss options and prices.

  • Greenboy Audio | on facebook
        Don Barry in Massachusetts
        Joseph jHawk Hawley in Mesa AZ
        Mark dukeorock Robertson in Nashville TN

some earlier DIY fEARfuls

tombowlus's fEARful™ 12/6cube atop fEARful™ 15/6

khedspeth's fEARful™ 12/6

BurningSkies's fEARful™ 15/6 atop fEARful™ 15sub

Sundogue's fEARful™ 15/6 with Carvin BX1200 head in custom rack-clasped case sharing latex texture painting

jammin's fEARful™ 1212/6

Dave 'Vlad' Gregory's fEARful™ 1515/66 'Impaler'

jepp80's fEARful™ 12/6cube & fEARful™ 12sub

greenboy's fEARful™ 12/6cube


  • main TalkBass fEARful threads - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - probably on 20+ by now, etc

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