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  fEARful series & parallel resistors/coils/caps calculator

The formula for resistors or inductors in series also handles capacitors in parallel. It's the simple sum of all the values:

total = n1 + n2 + n3 ...

The formula for resistors or inductors in parallel also handles capacitors in series:

total = 1 / (1/n1 + 1/n2 + 1/n3 ...)

  1. Type the first component value into the box and hit enter. Repeat this process for each component. Units of measure and type of component must be the same for all - mH or ohms or uF, etc.
  2. When all have been entered, click CALCULATE.
Values    Series Resistance
Series Inductance*
Parallel Capacitance
Parallel Resistance
Parallel Inductance*
Series Capacitance

* Whenever possible it's wise to avoid using inductors in series or parallel to achieve other values in crossover circuits. They interact too easily and it's hard to predict the results without extensive testing.

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