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  grills & protective corners

  1. full metal grills
  2. round grills
  3. Pet Screen
  4. protective corners

full metal grills

Below I'm showing Reliable Hardware's products, as they are sturdy 16-gauge steel with high-quality black powder-coating. Parts Express grills on the other hand are only 18-gauge and the powder coating is obviously cheaper - and you have to cut them to size yourself. Reliable's grills are cut accurately to the nearest 1/16". I had mine cut 1/16" undersized in each dimension for an easier, assured fit. That really works out beautifully. Reliable often ships an order within a day or two.

Reliable Hardware quantifies how acoustically open their various flat stock is. The more open to air flow a grill is, the less it reflects output back at the cone, and the lighter it will be for its type. I would never recommend anything less than 50% open.

expanded diamond cut - 63% open

perforated 5/32" round hole - 62.4% open

and in distant third:

perforated 3/8" square hole - 56.2% open

After doing a lot of web crawling these seem to be the way to go for full-coverage metal jackets. My preference used to be the expanded diamond cut, but the 5/32 round hole grill has taken its place. Downsides to Reliable? Minimum order there is $25, and shipping for only one grill is rather high. So you may want to order something else there too - handles, fasteners and connector cups ferinstance.

TCH also is worth checking out, especially for those in Canada.

round grills

Some like these for each driver:

Pet Screen

Here's another Grill possibility. Pet Screen is incredibly strong and stretches gracefully so it can be used with a wood or metal frame you've constructed, in place of or in addition to Baffle Standoffs. You can always place a narrow aluminum strip over it along each side of the setback too, ala Peavey. It's also good on the inside of cabs, stretched from shelf to back to keep small pesky critters out. Pet Screen can even be ordered in aluminum-framed window screens of the exact size. You can also buy (locally or online) screen window frame parts - corners and frame sticks and spline - to construct to size.

Pet Screen is an incredibly strong vinyl-on-polyester laminate that comes in colors:

protective corners

Protective corners are available in plastic and metal from a variety of sources, but most seem to favor the plastic ones. An especially nice one for fEARful 1/2" (12mm) construction because of its thicker more durable plastic and its suitable radius and dimensions can be found at

Here's a couple of pictures of the large corner (one image of cab that is built of 3/4" (18mm) material but which still uses the recommended fEARful 1/4"-radius round-over routing:

Speaker Hardware also carries a scaled-down protective corner of identical quality and look which is designed for our favored round-over radius of 1/4". These would be great for the smaller fEARfuls:

And last, here's a metal corner that's available in either black or chrome which fits our 1/2" construction and roundover:

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