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        fEARful Headcase

fEARful Headcase sitting atop a fEARful 15sub equivalent.

The indomitable fEARful Headcase is sometimes used standing up, for height and for better audio imaging on the horizontal axis.

Fabric-backed open-cell foam has been tightly cut to shape, and is meant to diffuse reflections around the baffle.

The diffuser also conceals the fact that the 6" by 6" JBL Progressive Transition Waveguide is right up against the Eighteen Sound 6ND410 midrange driver for best audio summing at any listening position.


The Headcase is constructed within a very light 4-space rack case of 1/4"-thickness plastic-laminated plywood. The shell measures 7.75" T x 20.25" W x 12" D and was purchased from Hybrid Cases / thecasestore on eBay.

Grill and baffle diffuser removed; this shows the damping lining and stuffing for the midrange chamber. All additonal plywood is 5/16" thick except for the 5/8" baffle - where components were to be flush mounted after routing around the cutouts. Baffle is glued into place in back of case's front aluminum extrusion.

Approximately 7" deep of storage space is available in back thanks to the extremely shallow requirements of the JBL 2407/BMS 4540ND compression driver when screwed onto the back of the 90° x 90° JBL lense flare. The recessed connector dish of the highly modified Eminence crossover features changed component values all around, and all 4 Speakon connections have been paralleled. It can be seen against the sprayed flat black interior finish.

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