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  1. fEARful 1212sub on its side for PA use
  2. fEARful 12/6/1 as a monitor
  3. tilt-back

fEARful 1212sub on its side for PA use

In typical mid-sized or smaller clubs subwoofers should be clustered in one location as close together as possible in front of the stage - or to one side in a corner when practical - for the best acoustical coupling and coverage. Subs are often great in front of smaller stages for another reason as well: they can be set on their sides (or upright if they are not too tall) to extend the depth of the stage by allowing front-line floor monitors to be placed on them.

fEARful 12/6/1 as a monitor

The 12/6/1 is especially nice for monitoring since it's got a fairly low profile when put on its side, while providing a full-spectrum mix. Unlike so many club floor monitors it's got a woofer that won't collapse the moment someone begins to pound the lows. This makes it especially valuable to bassists, drummers, and keyboard players who supply bass content.


For stage monitoring it's easy to use a coat, lids from a small rackmount case, a peanut can (with lid, used to carry fuses or other small gig items), a painted chunk of wood, a collapsable tilt-back stand or a home-built cradle, or an adjustable velcro jobbie like MarkBass has:

Some people prefer to use a folding cab leg. On a 12/6 these could concievably be used as handles, with handle cutouts relocated to achieve desired angles and balance:

You can also build something out of a hinge and two cut pieces of plywood - something like this:

Don't go for angles that are very steep if you are trying to cover a lot of stage, or are aiming out toward an audience for some venue coverage. Finally, if you want a rack or head on top of a fEARful that is tilted back, extra-tall feet on the bottom of the rack or head, and maybe a bungie cord or adjustable strap, or velcro in the right places, can secure the setup.

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