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  fEARful High Frequency components

There is little reason other than cost to settle for small-format horn products with primitive geometries and their harsh or boxy tendencies. The Waveguides here will represent treble more accurately than conventional horn flares and "bullets" found in commercial bass cabs. These components surpass what's heard in a lot of otherwise decent club PA boxes, as well.

  1. Dayton elliptical waveguide
  2. compression drivers for Dayton waveguide
  3. 18 Sound elliptical waveguide with compression driver

Dayton H07E

This one sounds grand. A few years back Dayton/Parts Express was still selling old stock that was 7" x 7". They appear to be done with the larger units and are now shipping this otherwise similar 6" x 6" unit under the same name. A real bargain.

The H07E has a somewhat tight vertical pattern (50°) so you may want to rotate it to get 80° on the vertical to hear a better balance of treble if you are standing close to a floor-standing enclosure. Leaving it with the 50° vertical pattern, however, can be to your advantage if the high treble content is intended for your bandmates' stage mix, or for the audience, and you don't especially want to hear as much of it. Rotates easily, so try it both ways!

compression drivers for Dayton waveguide

These are 8-ohm "screw-on" drivers. Here are the standard choices, shown in order of increasing cost, weight, and SPL. Until you get into two-woofer setups, SPL is probably of little consequence to you -- unless you really like a lot of content above 7K Hz.

  • Eminence ASD1001 - the ASD1001 is much nicer than what is found in most commercial bass enclosures. Suitable for all single woofer setups.
  • Selenium D220Ti-8 - for 1515/66 this is preferable. You may also want the extra 3 dB of output for 15/6 or 1212/6, especially if sometimes used in conjunction with a 12sub or 15sub. This driver weights ~1.75 pounds more than the ASD1001.

18 Sound XD125

The first component of this is the XT120 waveguide which measures about 8" wide by 6" tall and looks slick. The pattern is 60° vertical by 90° horizontal. This flare is a sweetheart partly because it mates with a great compression driver designed especially for it, the XD125, which is sensitive enough to be used in dual woofer systems. This combination is NOT for the slim fEARful 12/6 though, due to baffle restrictions.

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